Jack Rimokh

Jack Rimokh, Chairman

As a highly respected industry leader, Jack Rimokh started Signal Brands and built one of the world’s largest handbag companies.

Jack was instrumental in securing an exclusive global license for GUESS? handbags and continues to shape the financial direction of Signal Brands.

Jason Rimokh

Jason Rimokh, CEO

With more than 15 years of experience, Jason Rimokh’s passion, leadership and operational insight has strengthened Signal Brands’ culture of handbag design.

Along with his father, Jack, he has expanded the company to new markets and enhanced its product portfolio. Jason is responsible for the company’s global presence and oversees its corporate relations.

Management Team

Jill Ause
Michael Alexander
Jessica Flores
Suesan Falkner
Michael Scott Bader

Sue Iritani
Philip Garcia
Michael Castro
Vivian McDonald
Kim Lancaster
Kathy Mojibi
Arye Sasson
Terri Posades
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